Everyone knows that IT is essential for business success. Leaders are expected not just to deliver working IT systems, but to innovate and drive positive change. A tough task – and its risky business. The news is covered with high profile IT projects that promise the earth and then fail to deliver. MITS has a simple but effective approach that works time and time again. This balances getting technology to work with getting it accepted and used effectively.

  • We employ only the best and brightest people, many of whom have sat where our customers sit
  • We focus these people on specific technologies, so that they become subject matter experts. That is their value
  • We build relationships with manufacturers who innovate, but also who work alongside us and our customers sharing risk and success, not just as distant cousins
  • We nurture our people and our customers in our core values which are Integrity, Expertise, Passion, Innovation, Agility and Service
  • We treat our customers as our colleagues
  • We make a point of using the technologies that we provide to our customers in our own business as well
  • We encourage innovation at all times
  • We never stop asking why



“Working with MITS has simplified my life, I now focus on my business and not IT”

Scott - VP of a leading distributor

"Knowing that all our data is stored securely off site provides us with peace of mind”

Kevin-President of a rural bank

“MITS is my IT department”

Dan – President of a regional construction equipment retailer